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Packaging and Storage: Packaged in plastic woven bag or kraft bag, 20kg/bagV

1.Product Introduction

Product Name: TTA(Tolyltriazole)

Chemical Formula:C7H7N3

CAS No.:29385-43-1

Appearance:white acicular crystal, white flake, white powder, white particle, white column, white superfine particle.

Solubleness:hard to soluble in water, soluble in the organic solvents such as alcohol, benzene, methylbenzene and chloroform, soluble in thin alkali liquor.

2.Product Application

It is mainly used in metal (such as silver, copper, lead, nickel, zinc, etc.) rust inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor, widely used in anti-rust oil (grease) products, mostly used in copper and copper alloy gas phase corrosion inhibitor, lubricating oil additives, circulating water treatment agent, automotive antifreeze. It can also be used with a variety of scale inhibitors, bactericides and algicides, the effect is nice especially for the corrosion inhibition of closed circulating cooling water system.

3.Packaging and Storage

Packaged in plastic woven bag, composite plastic bag, paperboard drum, paper drum, iron drum, plastic bag. Net weight: 20kg, 25kg, 500kg. Stored in the shade, keep the surrounding environment dry and ventilated, and avoid sunlight.

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