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Packaging and Storage: Packaged in plastic woven bag, 25kg/bag

1.Product Introduction

Product Name: EDTA 2Na

Chemical Formula:C10H14N2O8Na2•2H2O

CAS No.:6381-92-6

Appearance:white crystal powder

Solubleness:soluble in water, can chelate with a variety of metal ions

2.Product Application

Among all kinds of EDTA salts, disodium salt is the most important, it is an important complexing agent which can be used for complexing metal ions and separating metals, and can also be used in detergents, liquid soaps, shampooes, agricultural chemical sprays, bleaching fixing solution for rinsing color sensitive materials, water purification agent, pH regulator and so on. It can also be used in pharmaceutical industry, smelting of rare metals and cosmetics antioxidant synergists.

3.Packaging and Storage

Packaged in plastic bag and plastic woven bag. Net weight:25kg/bag. Stored in the shade, keep the surrounding environment dry and ventilated, and avoid sunlight.

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