Sulfamic Acid

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1.Product Introduction

Product Name:sulfamic acid

Chemical Formula:NH2SO3H

CAS No.:5329-14-6

Appearance:white crystal

Solubleness:soluble in water

Characteristics:At room temperature, as long as it is kept dry and not in contact with water, solid sulfamic acid is non-hygroscopic and stable. The water solution of sulfamic acid has the same strong acidity as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid, so it is also called solid sulfuric acid, which has the characteristics of non-volatilization, no odor and little toxicity to human body.

2.Product Application

Sulfamic acid can be used to synthesize herbicides, fireproofing agents, sweeteners, preservatives, metal cleaning agents, etc. It is a common chemical raw material. It is widely used in cleaning industry (can be used to clean boiler, condenser, heat exchanger, jacket and chemical pipeline, etc.), textile industry, paper industry, petroleum industry, agriculture, electroplating industry, chemical synthesis analysis and other industries.

3.Packaging and Storage

Packaged in plastic bag and plastic woven bag. Stored in clean and dry warehouse, against the sun, rain and moisture, do not mix with sharp objects.

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